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Delicious Meal and Snack Ideas for February Get Togethers

Is anyone else craving connection? If so, then you’re in luck, because February is filled with three fun events to celebrate with friends and family.  Eating a meal with others is a super way to connect, so I’m showcasing a … Continued

Fuel Your Health with Turkey

If you’ve got eating well, being active and feeling great on your intentions list for January (and beyond!), turkey is a terrific choice to help you meet your goals. Here’s why you can feel good about adding turkey to your … Continued

Super truc pour des soupers d’été simplifiés

L’été et tous ses plaisirs ne sont qu’éphémères. Alors, comme plusieurs Canadiens, je profite du grand air aussi souvent que possible. L’objectif : plus de temps en famille dans la cour ou sur la plage, et beaucoup moins de temps dans … Continued

5 salades estivales simples, saines et savoureuses à base de dindon grillé

Par Shannon Crocker, MSc RD PHEc Si vous êtes à la recherche d’un repas simple, santé et savoureux à déguster sur votre terrasse, votre balcon ou une couverture de pique-nique cet été, les salades sont tout indiquées!  Le dindon est … Continued

Tired of Cooking? Turkey to the Rescue!

By Shannon Crocker MSC RD PHEc During the pandemic, many Canadians have been spending more time in the kitchen – that is, when we’re not in a Zoom meeting or supervising our kids’ virtual learning. We’re stressed out and pressed for … Continued

6 NOUVELLES façons de préparer un dindon rôti à Pâques

Par Shannon Crocker, MSc RD PHEc Qu’est-ce qui vous vient en tête lorsque vous pensez à un souper de Pâques? Comme plusieurs d’entre vous, j’aime le festin traditionnel de dindon rôti, farce et sauce aux canneberges avec purée de pommes … Continued

Healthy Eating Your Way

By Shannon Crocker MSC RD PHEc What’s the best food to eat? As a dietitian I’m often asked questions like “what’s the best diet?” or “what’s the one food I should be eating to boost my health?”. Here’s the thing, there’s … Continued

3 Easy Meals with Big Batch Ground Turkey

By Shannon Crocker, MSc RD PHEc   We’ve all been there. You have great intentions on Monday. Dinner is planned and ingredients are ready to roll. And then…life takes over. I get it! If you need a little help to … Continued

5 Healthy Meals to Boost Energy and Feel Great

By Shannon Crocker MSC RD PHEc   Happy New Year! Are you kick-starting 2021 with a re-booting of healthy habits? If being active and eating healthy are on your resolution radar, you’re off to a great start! Moving your body … Continued

Easy Energy Boosting Lunches

By Shannon Crocker MSc RD, Vibrant Nutrition Communications Working from home, home-schooling kids or going to a workplace, no matter what your weekday looks like, lunch needs to be quick and easy! It should also give you a boost of … Continued

How to Keep Up Thanksgiving Traditions This Year

By: Shannon Crocker, MSc RD PHEc   Thanksgiving celebrations are poised to look different this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t still make the most of them. I’ve promised my bubble buddies that we’ll still cook a traditional roast … Continued

6 Nourishing Turkey Soups for Easy Back to School Suppers

Article by: Shannon Crocker MSc RD PHEc As we head towards the fall, with kids going back to school and more adults heading back to work, cooking meals at home, with nutrient-rich, minimally processed foods is one way you can … Continued