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Five Tasty and Healthy Turkey Sandwiches

In November, National Sandwich Day is celebrated, so I’m sharing five delicious, nutritious turkey sandwiches – why not enjoy a new sandwich every week this month?!

How to Build a Satisfying Sandwich 

Before we dig into some super sandwich ideas, here are a few simple steps I use to create a satisfying and healthier sandwich.

  • Pick your Base: Start with a whole grain or authentic sourdough bread or bun as your base
  • Pack it with Protein: Add a lean protein – hello turkey! –  to keep you energized and satisfied all afternoon. Leftover cooked turkey can be prepped ahead and stored in the fridge and is super for sandwiches.
  • Add Colour & Crunch with Veggies: Pile on plenty of colourful veggies for crunch, flavour, and added fibre to keep you feeling full. Try dark leafy greens, thinly sliced cucumber, shredded carrot, or a tangy cabbage slaw.
  • Punch up flavour with condiments: Give a little spread of your favourite condiments, like mayonnaise, mustard, or chutney for a flavour hit.

My top strategy for creating quick and simple sandwiches? Do a minimal amount of meal prep on the weekend. For example, along with prepping veggies, I often cook a turkey breast on the weekend, so we’ve got it ready in the fridge.

Get Inspired with 5 Tasty Sandwich Recipes

  1. Roasted Turkey Open-Faced Sandwich with Hot Honey Drizzle

There’s something about the addition of hot honey with turkey that makes your mouth water and taste buds fire up! I’d add even more asparagus spears and radishes for a vibrant hit of deliciousness. Or switch it up and try it with roasted zucchini and tomatoes for an Italian flare.

Nutrition tip: Bump up the ricotta cheese for some more protein alongside turkey along with some bone-boosting calcium.

  1. The Gobbler Sandwich

This sandwich is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury, bursting with flavour in every bite. Think turkey salad sandwich but leveled up, with sweet seedless grapes, tangy mustard, and crunchy walnuts. It’s fabulous as a make-ahead option too.

Nutrition Tip: Choosing whole-grain bread as your base offers fiber – which is great for gut health and to help you stay fuller longer.

  1. Poached Turkey and Roast Veggie Sandwich

While poached turkey pairs well with everything, the rich flavour of roasted vegetables is an unbeatable addition. Try your hand at poaching your own turkey at home using a bone-in turkey breast, it’s easier than you’d think!

Nutrition Tip: Turkey offers brain-healthy nutrients including iron, vitamin B12, zinc, and selenium, making it a nourishing choice to help keep your brain functioning at its best.

  1. Pulled Turkey Sandwiches

If hot sandwiches are more your style, then this option using juicy pulled turkey in BBQ sauce is for you! To reduce the sodium content, I suggest going with a lower-sodium barbeque sauce. Make extra cabbage slaw so you can serve it on the side – you won’t’ regret it!

Nutrition Tip: Vitamin C from purple cabbage in this recipe helps you absorb more iron from the turkey. I call that nutrition synergy!

  1. Grilled Scallopini Sandwich with Pickled Vegetables

The combination of tender lean turkey with tangy pickled vegetable mayo creates a sensational sandwich. Layer on dark leafy greens like spinach or arugula instead of lettuce for more health-protecting antioxidants.

Nutrition Tip: Turkey contains selenium, even more so in dark meat cuts. Selenium is important for keeping your immune system and thyroid functioning at their best.

Not a big fan of bread? No worries! You can easily transform any of these sandwiches above into a tasty salad or nourish bowl. Skip the bread, add extra veggies, and include a whole grain like quinoa or barley for satisfying carbs. It’s all about making choices that suit your taste and health goals.

Happy healthy eating,